De tour is begonnen!

Op 28 november is de Lennaert Nijgh 'Een tip van de sluier' theaterconcert tour van start gegaan. We spelen nog tot half maart door het hele land. Klik hiernaast op 'agenda' om te zien in welke theaters we staan.

Zeeland Nazomerfestival

Op 31 augustus spelen we een concertante versie van ons theaterprogramma Tip van de sluier klik

Single 'É luxo só'

Watch the clip of 'É luxo só' that was recorded in Rio de Janeiro with dancer Renata Araújo.




Meer lovende recensies over ‘The Chamber Music Project’, het eerste album van onze band Who’s the Bossa? (Nelson Faria, Hans Vroomans, Daniel Pezzotti, Josee Koning)

klik [hier] 

Onlangs toegevoegd op Youtube 'The making of Verdronken Vlinder', over de opnames van de cd in Rio de Janeiro. klik [hier]

Check out our Who's the Bossa? videochannel: [klik hier]


Who's the Bossa?

Who's the Bossa consists of 4 musicians with a shared passion for Brazilian music: singer Josee Koning and pianist Hans Vroomans from the Netherlands, Swiss cellist Daniel Pezzotti and gitarist Nelson Faria from Brazil.

Watch and listen to Who's the Bossa? on Youtube:

Or visit the website for more info:


Josee Koning and Gilbert Medam met in 2009 while Josee was on a working holiday in Samui as a guest artist at the Annual Samui Yacht Regatta – Gilbert arrived at the concert venue and asked if he could accompany Josee for a few songs and it was evident from the first note that here was “a musical marriage of amazing senses” and now three years later following an idea first proposed in the middle of a refreshing Samui thunderstorm, Josee and Gilbert have collaborated to produce this musical gem.